Thursday, November 03, 2011

A sunrise, taken from the top of a water tower. The past few dawns I've seen some amazing views rivaling this picture.
I appreciate all that God has given me, including ten more years since I took this picture.
I was watching a documentary today on Humphrey Bogart, hosted by his son. (Sidenote-I LOVE DVR and TCM!)
Born wealthy, ruggedly handsome, eventually a movie star who had it all...
Four wives, chronic alcoholism and Cancer, which took him when he was six years older than I am right now.
God decides the number of each of our days; I'm ready to go, but until I can serve Him in Heaven, I will do what I can to serve Him here.
Appreciate what you have from the hand of God. Thank Him even for the hard times, as Paul did from his prison cell, Richard Wurmbrand from his, as Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani does today in Lakan, Iran.
Bogart 'played' heroes and villains, but they exist for real in our world today, and God decides who fills each role. It is good to be Blessed by God.

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Doug said...

Bogart may have had an unhappy life, but he could act-The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep are two of my favorites, quickly followed by Casablanca.
I love movies, but I know that they are temporal, fleeting, here on the short side of Life. Eternity is waiting.