Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Psychic Looks Back At 2012

Just kidding. I was going to parody the December 21st end of cycle that the Mayans allegedly predict, but t'aint funny, McGee.
Why has that date been bandied about by so many non-Mayans as if it might be true?
Sin. Even the most vile sinner amongst us carries the marred likeness of God, as we are made in His image.
His Image, His Morality written on our hearts.
We KNOW that this world is sinful, that there will be a reckoning for all of the evil we see (and perpetrate) every day. We are somewhat surprised that God has allowed this thing to go on so long.
So even sinners are longing for this to end; us forgiven sinners are looking for the better world He has promised us. All others? I hate to think about it.
Lemmings aren't suicidal-they just think that they can fly.

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Doug said...

'I am looking forward to...'
If I checked back over the past seven years of first posts in January, I think they all begin, "I am looking forward to..."
I can't help it-I'm an optimist in a pessimistic world. I do think that things will be better this year.
I am looking for the Lord to return and set this Creation right. I am no date setter like Howard Camping; Christ will return when He sees fit, and that is good enough for me. Until then I will continue to carry my load, try to live for Him in Peace, work and play and exist.
Paul said, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."