Monday, January 16, 2012

Set Free From The Bean

I thought that this was supposed to be hard.
Yup-I'm off coffee, and was warned that I would have headaches, withdrawal, and an overall feeling of having just run two marathons.
Nope. No nothing-I didn't even hurt a little bit.  I think that after 40+ years of drinking coffee, I must still have so much built up in my system that I can coast.
Rhyme to my reason: Have you ever tried to change something in your life, but found it hard because you have become so used to the way that your life goes each day?
It's like an old garden, where the roots and weeds have overgrown the rows. Hard tilling.
Sometimes, to make progress, you have to turn over the ground, break it up.
I am a creature inhabited by habits-of which coffee had been one of my longest lasting, and most enjoyed. 
But I have found that I can no longer eat like a teenager, so old habits out, new habits in. I have already been
exercising the past few years-which only happened because I made room for it. Now it's a good habit.
With eating right, exercising, and making good decisions, I should last a few more decades, unless the Lord is willing to bring me home. My greatest selfish desire is to be in good health in my later life. I'm doing what I can now to make that happen. 

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Doug said...

I had a physical last week, and, with one small exception, I'm so healthy that it's sickening. I hit the middle of the mark for nearly all of the test results, and look to avoid some of the familial diseases galloping though my family.

I hope that you do what you can to remain healthy.
Live as if your life depends on it.