Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Secret To The Secret Of Life

Tonight someone said the most complete word pertaining to our existence:
Specifically, to be content with who we are, what we have, where we are in the world and more.
As a Christian, I am content with who I am, even though I know that God is working in my life to make me more closely conformed to the image of Christ.
I am content with what I have, as it all comes from God.
I am content with where I am, as this is where God has led me.
And more.
Who I am now will be perfected in eternity.
What I have in this world will pass away, replaced by much much better.
Where I will be is in Heaven, even Heaven on Earth, as Heaven is wherever God
resides, and during the Millennial reign of Christ, that will be here, but a much much better here.
How could I not be content?
Here's a funny thing, though. I was looking through a Christian Book catalog today, seeing what the marketplace is doing; there are many Christian books  laying out programs/plans for Christians to be:
With a magnificent marriage.
Better kids.
Free from addictions.
Ready for a global collapse.

Do you see it? What all of these items have in common?
They all focus on the Christian, not Christ.
They all are aimed at improving the life (a morning mist, a hand's span of time) of a Christian through some work/plan/program.

Are we neurotic nellies? Unhealthy, unhappy, not prosperous, with poor marriages and families?
Addicted? Frightened of world events? No?
Then why all the books? Why not simply be content with God?


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Doug said...

I get the catalog from the company "Christian Book" dot com as I've bought a few Bibles from them. I don't need any other 'self help' book besides the Bible, which helps self by pointing self towards God.