Wednesday, April 18, 2012

He Doesn't Just Know Me, He Knows All

21    They band themselves together against the life of the righteous     And condemn the innocent to death.
Psalm 94:21

Co-incidence is a fantasy. The very God Who created all things is working through all things to accomplish His purposes. 
Even the wicked have their uses for God; as we have run 'round this mulberry tree before, simply stated, God allows the wicked to have their days, but woe to the wicked for being wicked! 
As a Christian and as a human being, I honor the sanctity of Life-I see Life as a gift from God. I got a birthday card this year which stated, "Isn't it Wonderful that God thought the universe would have been incomplete without You?"
Life IS sacred, and the wicked, who often overvalue their own lives, show their wickedness by devaluing the lives of 'others'. 
This alleged "Post-Christian World" that we are living in is growing more and more wicked. It is no co-incidence (see above) that the farther the world moves away from Christ the more horrible it becomes.
In America, we 'condemn the innocent to death'. Here 'Abortion' is a Constitutionally protected 'right'.
In China, it is compulsory-the government forces abortion and sterilization on the populace 'for the common good'.
In Russia, in Germany, in France and the rest of Europe (and most of the world) abortion is an accepted part of Post-Christian culture. To their shame.
Co-incidence? No such animal-they (and we) are wicked, condemning the innocent to death. God is watching. God sees every move we make. He sees governments banding together against the life of the righteous. 
The old saw about being able to tell how healthy a society is by how they treat their prisoners is weak-these days, you can examine the health of Society by how we treat the most innocent among us-our society was much healthier back when abortion was shameful, illegal and wrong. Back before Life was constitutionally devalued. 
There will be no abortion clinics in Christ's Millennial Kingdom.

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Doug said...

About the title-often I hear that old canard, "It's all right for you to believe in your God, but..."
He's not just my God. He is God, and whether you agree or not, we live in His Creation.
Disagree all you like-it's a free(will) country, after all...but you don't get to define Reality any more than I do.

Doug, again with the Abortion thing?
The Wicked in their sanctimony love to appear "Moral" because they believe that they can establish their own code of Morality with themselves as the most shining of examples.
But they are judged by God by His Morality, and God requires that I do the same.