Monday, April 02, 2012

Angry With God

"Be still, my soul, and know that You are God.".
Job. Habakkuk. Doug.
I add myself not because I am right now angry with God, questioning God, but as a human being, in my time on earth I have been frustrated, angry, wondering what God is doing.
How could this child die? Why are there shootings at a Christian school? Who is in charge here?
God is in charge, same as always. He didn't clue Job in as to why he was going through such suffering-basically, His response to Job's questioning was,  "I am God. Who are you? Did you create everything? Were you there at the Creation?" And Job exhibited great wisdom: "I'm just going to shut up now."
Habakkuk (single 'b', three 'k's) wondered: " How a just and loving God could use such evil hordes of bad men (the "Muslims" of his day) to punish God's people?" Habakkuk waits in his tower yet for an answer.
I know Christians who greatly dislike President Obama for what he has done to this country-"How could a loving God allow ______?"
God allows. He does what He will. He doesn't ever need to explain Himself to His creations.
We can be angry with God all of our lives, but it doesn't do us any good. Like talking to a brick wall.
How many of the Psalms have you read which begin with questioning WHY God would allow suffering?
In my memory, each one of those Psalms finishes with a single thought: "Anyway, Bless the Lord."
Who are you, Doug? Did you create everything? Were you there at the Creation?
I'm just going to shut up now.

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Doug said...

I just woke up to hear of a shooting at a Christian school, and I don't know the details, but it is a horrible thing.
I am on a prayer list which calls us to join in praying for circumstance-without details, I prayed just a few minutes ago for some who may be questioning God right now.
as much as I may not like President Obama's policies which I deem destructive...God had His reasons for putting him in charge, and he's our President. I would prefer that he be booted out of office, but whatever God wills. Obama is no worse than the pharaoh
who troubled the children of Israel-and God set them free, eventually.
We can get past any bad administration, with God helping us.
That might just be the answer-God allows troubles so that His children who tend to ignore Him in good times call home a little more often.
See you in church.