Friday, March 30, 2012

Fascinating Crimes Against Reality

Forgive, please. Just toying with words and meanings in the title.
"Fascinating" is an attention getter used by most magazine publishers on the cover of mags to get you to look inside.
Ditto for "Crimes"-we by our nature are always more interested in 'dirt' than 'clean'.
"Against"-conflict interests us, whether it's a ball game, a boxing match, or a political fight. We love taking sides.
"Reality" Some people couldn't find it on a map.
What brought on this post? A few things-I've been watching the SCOTUS taking up the constitutionality of "Obamacare".
This is a conflict set up by the passage/signing of "Obamacare" into law two years ago. I remember the drama and comedy-Paul Ryan in a public hearing pointing out the accounting LSD-trip numbers that the Dems were using to show the costs/benefits of the program...only to be shut down by President Obama's personal filibuster until the end of the session.
Okay, that was then, and this is now. The SCOTUS has held three days of Q/A public hearings, calling the Solicitor General and other staff from the Administration on the carpet.
It didn't go well, from most reports, for the Administration.
Will SCOTUS toss the law? Time will tell-I hope that they do, and I hope that this, added to all the other muddled messes of President Obama's time in office, will spur voters to elect someone else.
But my life doesn't change all that much whether Obama or Romney or Luke Vader is in the Oval Office.
I will still work my job, pay my taxes and try to be both a good citizen of the United States AND a citizen of Heaven, where my IRA is fully vested into Eternity.
It is a very clear teaching from the Bible to honor and obey those in authority over you, even if they are corrupt evil Hitlers.
The Bible is clear: obey anyway, as all governments are established by God to care for the peoples.
To honor leadership is to honor God.
Paul wrote of this precept when his 'president' was someone who makes President Obama look like a saint:
Emperor Nero, the old Rome fiddlin' champion. Obey anyway.
I don't have to worry about President Obama ruining this country-I trust that God is watching, and He will deal with every person as to what each of us has done. I often pray for President Obama to be humbled, to seek God, to become saved, both him and his family. A few years ago I wrote a story to that effect-what would his followers do if he became a Christian and rejected most of the Democrat platform, working, for example, to end Abortion. his poll numbers would plummet (hey-have you seen his poll numbers lately? wow.).
Obey anyway, and let God deal with it. Works for me.
That doesn't mean that I will shut up-I enjoy the same freedom of speech as everyone else in this country.
But I will not act against the laws we live under, even if they are unjust. If the SCOTUS upholds Obamacare, so be it.
Obey anyway.


Doug said...

I recently listened to a sermon by John MacArthur about "Obey anyway"
He laid it out clear and simple-the only time that a Christian is allowed to disobey a government is when said government demands that the Christian disobey God.
The rulers in Jerusalem demanded that Peter and the disciples quit preaching Christ-but Christ had told them to preach, so preach they did; no matter whether they were flogged or worse,they preached. That is obeying God.

Lucia said...

SCOTUS's overturning Obamacare would be an egregious case of judicial activism. I would say be careful what you wish for: it would also energize the Democratic base (believe it or not, there is one) like practically nothing else.

Doug said...

hi Lu-agree to disagree. You would prefer 'judicial inactvism?' When the Supremes decide something "in your favor", they are wise, but if they decide against your beliefs it is somehow 'judicial activism'?
If 'Obamacare' is not Constitutional, if Congress wrote and President Obama signed into law something which is not legal...then it would be 'judicial activism' to ignore the Constitution and rubber-stamp 'Obamacare'.
I remember the political brannigan going on when it was being fought out in Congress. When it passed, my first thought was that SCOTUS would shoot it down.
Remember that Congress isn't made up of genius legislators-it is all political, and politics can drive a bill (from either side of the political spectrum) which doesn't have legal standing.

Right now (!) we have another case of illegal activism being perped by the Obama administration-DOMA.
The Defense of Marriage Act was declared Constitutional by the Supremes, and the Obama DOJ has decided to not enforce it, not to accept the ruling by the Supreme Court. So, who is wrong in this case? Who is engaging in judicial activism?
I can see the same thing happening with Obamacare-the SCOTUS shuts it down, and the Obama admin does all it can to ignore the ruling and set Obamacare in action.