Monday, March 26, 2012

Do You Really Need A Reason?

Aaaannnndddd...of course, the picture is of Hugh Laurie, but the words put in House's mouth are from some writer whose face we would never recognize.
Boy, just if, huh? If only the non-religious could break through that wall of ignorance, they could free the captive religionists from their self inflicted delusion.
Why? Why would the non-religious give two figs about the faith of others?
Live and let live.
Believe (or not) and let believe.
There is a problem facing the non-religionists of the world: Religionists do stuff. Depending on the religion involved, 'doing stuff'' ranges from offering to pray for a non-religionist to cutting off their heads. Ouch.
So okay, Religionists can be a your face. I get that.
Live and yet live.
A problem facing my group of Religionists is that often the non-religious attempting to 'reason' with us aren't using Reason.
They use emotional arguments. Their 'evidence' is often speculative. They 'reason' from a point of view that  rejects the idea of faith in God, so their arguments are colored by their Faith. (read the House quote again.)
Faith. Not in God. Faith in their own reason. Faith in their own intelligence, their own ability to discern that spiritual matters must be bunk, as it is all superstitious them.
A blind man laughing at the idea of other people having vision.
My group of religionists trust that God has clearly defined in His Word descriptions of the non-religionists and the paucity of their arguments. How they cling to Reason as a god to keep them safe from 'those crazy believers'. How their emotive arguments displace Reason when they are in danger of losing a 'debate' with a religionist.
I say 'my group' as we are very much a minority among the full spectrum of religionists. We will never cut off your head, but we will pray for your friends and loved ones to be comforted if it happens to you.
(hint-stay out of Saudi Arabia and Iran)
Think about that. We are trying to warn you away from the fires of hell, and those crazy believers in Islam are trying to send you there.  Almost makes it sufferable, hearing the Gospel message delivered at one more funeral, doesn't it? I mean, you can always hum until after the service.
Long/short, we of my group of religionists have an advantage over the Non-ers: we've stood where they are. We were once non-religionists ourselves, and can recall how we used to argue against the faith of 'others'.
There are a few who claim to have moved from Faith to Non, but their stories usually show evidence of having grown up as a Non in a family of Faith. They may have nearly lived in church to please their parents, but they were always looking for an exit. Again-been there, left that behind.
I have faith in God because He made Himself known to me over 30 years ago. I didn't meet a delusion, I haven't kept insulated from reality inside a church. I live right here where everyone else does.
Church. Not absolute evidence that God exists, but it is telling that Christians love to be in community with other Christians. As I recently said: if I meet another Christian, I immediately have more in common with that Christian than I do with my own family. And my family would agree.

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Doug said...

Hugh Laurie. Great talent-I first remember seeing him in "Black Adder"
before he teamed up with Stephen Fry for "Jeeves and Wooster". I've only seen "House" a few times, but it seems like compelling drama.
If you want to laugh, netflix or find "Black Adder The Fourth" which takes place in the trenches of WW1.
Good stuff.