Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring! Into The Future Oh NO!

We are surrounded by time machines-calendars on walls, clocks on bedside night stands, even a little tiny digital clock in the lower (?) corner of your computer monitor.
I hadn't even thought about Spring jumping at us until I saw google this afternoon.
Spring is a time of Hope. Even though we haven't yet seen green grass, before too long I'll be mowing.
Whatever our struggles, they seem a bit weakened in the Spring. Our feet tread more solid footings, we can more comfortably suffer the slings and arrows, all is better.
So Doug, why the 'Oh NO' in the title?
I was talking with a friend awhile back about "Depression"; she is a nurse and she takes extra vitamin D in the Winter to help counteract the effect of lesser daylight-as I am now working a midnight shift I can go through most of the Winter without seeing much daylight at all.
Possibly this is part of why Spring is so welcome-Sunshine burns off any miasma of depression we may have stored up since November.
I'm not 'depressed' myself, but I may be a carrier. That, by the way, is a joke.
If I wanted to be depressed, all I would have to do is try living as if God doesn't exist. That is top drawer depression. Without God, every Spring might as well be January 33rd.
But God exists, the future is bright, and all is right with the world...eventually. That will be when all of our little time machines become obsolete as we Spring into Eternity. Oh NO! becomes Yes!

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Doug said...

I hope that no one thinks that I'm mocking those suffering from depression-not one bit. I know how debilitating it can be, but I also know that it can be alleviated, that no one need suffer continually.
Enjoy the Spring day.