Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Wake-Up Call To...Wait...Never Mind

What marvelous times we exist in! While we've been Oscaring and Dancing W/Stars, amusing ourselves with Politics (the only game in town until Baseball starts up) and other non-essentials...while the world keeps turning and the stuff we don't pay attention to...Could! Fill! A! Book!
Iran with a Nuclear bomb might be just as devastating to the world as another term for President Obama; the Mullahs there must be quaking in their little sand filled booties right now because President Obama has warned them to knock it off, or he might...well, he didn't say what he would do exactly, but he tried to strike fear in their hearts by stating:
"I'm the President...and I don't bluff."
What an idiot. I'm sorry to have to be so blunt, but that was the weakest, most idiotic thing he could have said.
Have you ever played poker? Have you ever seen some newbie try to finesse the table by stating, "I don't bluff."?
It is weak. Monday President Obama is meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. I assume that a nuclear Iran may come up in conversation. Binyamin might have to show President Obama how to play poker, how to keep a poker face or face losing all his chips while also losing face. (If you can't appeal to his Reason, try his vanity.)
{Not Polka face-that is the new Weird Al song}
In other stuff we don't pay attention to news, the Iranian's pocket monkey Bashar Assad has been keeping a tight grip on power by using government troops to kill Syrians who have expressed an interest in climbing aboard this "Arab Spring" bandwagon that they had heard about from Egypt and Libya.
Of course, this pales in comparison to Paula Abdul being fired from a TV show. Priorities, people! She's a STAR! Assad doesn't even have a Crescent on the Mullahs Walk of Fame! And he has a weak chin-he'd never make it on television.
Bye the bye, speaking of never making it on television, Rush Limbaugh apologized to some college student for getting too personal in his sarcasm about her appearance before a government committee.
She was making an emotional appeal for her workplace medical insurance to cover the cost of her birth control.
Limbaugh went too far, and he apologized. Fine and good. But he was right about the idiocy of any insurance company being mandated by the Government to cover the cost of "Birth control".
I thought that Liberals were all about the Government not being able to tell THEM what they can or cannot do with their bodies.
Why should insurance companies be forced to pay for birth control? Doesn't the individual have ANY responsibility for their own needs, wants and actions?
The young woman is an American. In China, where the notion of the Individual has been replaced by the State, the government not only mandates who can have children, but their one child policy by law targets female babies for abortion to control the population. They also force sterilization on young people. The State OWNS them, under the false premise that they are the State, and so they own themselves.
Do we as Americans want the Government to control every aspect of our lives? That is what is coming under the alleged Obamacare, of which this birth control issue is an opening salvo. 
But of course, the new mid-season TV shows will be starting soon. Guess WHO! is COMING BACK in a NEW SITCOM?????
I have no idea.

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Doug said...

You might be wondering about the girl in the laundry bin.
When we worked together, she was doing two full time jobs, making as much money as she could during her time in America.
She is Lithuanian, and hers was the first generation to grow up in a Lithuania free from Communist control.
She is about the same age as that college student whom Limbaugh mocked, and she was determined to make her future on her own terms rather than allowing her Government to control any aspect of her life.