Friday, March 09, 2012

Spox ABO In Kind

The fun to be had whilst listening to 
a radio program! I heard the podcast of a radio show which rhymes with "Wush Rimbaugh" when a caller used mental shorthand to define his point: "I'm ABO."
Clear and concise-I get it.
I would not be ABO in the same sense as that caller-if the Republicans were to draft Dennis Kucinich, for example-I hear he has some free time now-I would hitch my wagon to any Independent who stood 
a chance of dethroning king Barry the First. Dennis K is scary; he reminds me of Al Franken, but with a personality.
Just kidding about Al-he has a personality. I've been in the same room with him twice-it didn't go in my diary.
Anybody But Obama. I saw my first (!) Obama 2012 bumpersticker today, and it wasn't even on a Chevy Volt.
I'm still sticking with my prediction that Biden may 'bow out' of a second term to make room for Al Franken or any other Democrat who might solidify the {vanishing} Dem base. Teddy Kennedy? Nah- Hil Clinton? What does Vegas say?
Actually, if I'm right about President Obama (next week for St Paddy's Day he'll be O'Bama...again) he may keep Joe (the Albatross) Biden tied to his neck so that he can escape the White House. I still believe he can't stomach the responsibilities of the office-yes, he's running, but I think he's 'playing to lose' like a basketball player shaving points.
Did you see that our State Department has added Vatican City to a list of criminal money laundering countries? 
In Vegas we called that a shakedown-"you don't like our policy of forcing Catholic institutions to distribute contraceptives? You just made our list!"
To be fair, the Holy See HAS had it's troubled history of financial malfeasance, including money laundering, but that's Roberto Calvi ( I mean...water) under the bridge.
But the Obama State Department calling out anyone over money laundering while the Dems are getting kicks back from SEIU and the UAW...well, maybe they are projecting just a bit much. What will they do next? Pick fights with women and babies? Israel? (oh, wait...)
I have made peace with the idea of Mitt Romney possibly being the Republican nominee. I'd rather it be Santorum, but according to the Stones, "You can't always get what you want."
By November, I think it possible that many Democrats who fear being taxed back to the Stone's Age will pull the lever for Anybody But Obama. Call it the resurgence of "Reagan Democrats" who feared four more years of Jimmy Carter. Back then it was A.B.C. Simple Yes.


Doug said...

It was one year ago today that I first saw "SPOX" used for 'spokesman'.
Today is the anniversary of the Japanese tsunami and nuclear catastrophe. Watching the videos from that day still are jarring as to the damage Japan suffered.
May God keep you safe.

Lucia said...

Heaven help us if Romney becomes president. Srsly, the man would not know a principle if it bit him on the nose.

Are you aware that your taxes have gone down under Obama? Yes, down. Most people don't know that.

Doug said...

Sorry Lu-I'm a reality based life form. I know which taxes are being levied, and which ones take effect in 2014. I also just finished watching "Atlas Shrugged".
One way in which 'taxes have gone down' under President Obama is:
more people out of work equals less payroll taxes being taken out; a percentage of nothing is still nothing. Taxes 'go down' for someone who used to make 21 grand a year, but now only makes 6 grand. One more bad year and they will be off the tax rolls permanently-paying zilch for taxes!
Lu, what I expect to happen in the next year is that President Obama will be defeated, the Supreme Court will eviscerate the parts of 'Obamacare' it deems unconstitutional, and the next Congress, which will probably have Republicans in majority in both the House and the Senate will work to undo all of the damage Obama and the Democrats have caused.
Quite a few Dems and Olympia Snowe have decided to retire, recognizing that their chances for re-election have gone down. It's not just rabid Right Wingers who have had enough of the Democrats Overeach into our wallets-many middle class Democrats who don't live in Washington or New York owe their livelihoods to the private sector that President Obama seems to have declared war on.
Why should we finance President Obama's fantasy that he can re-make the world in his own image?
Hey, it must be time to read Bester's "The Demolished Man" again!