Wednesday, March 21, 2012


   "He was draggin' us down." said VP Biden about his former running mate. "I mean, he's a great guy and all, but if we're goin' to win this thing again, we needed a change at the top of the ticket."
When pressed for specific details as to why Obama was cut from the ticket, VP Biden simply said, "Listen, it was just time."
    Biden then dropped the greater political bombshell:
   "If you're wantin' something done right, you've got to do it yourself. I am going to lead the ticket, and conflate the duties of both Veep and President into one position. This will save money-lower overhead, and fewer Secret Service agents needed for protection. If things get dicey, I'll ask my wife to help out."
    President Obama had only one comment as news crews filmed him emptying his desk.
"I wish Joe all the best, and he can count on my vote in November."

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Doug said...

It wasn't me, says Doug. It was my brain that was working on this last night, and found it hilarious.