Monday, January 07, 2013

The Best News I've Heard Lately

Although it happened last October, I just became aware through the interwebs that Bobby Valentine was dumped as Red Sox manager-the new guy is John Farrell, pictured above in his car salesman suit.
I like the Bosox just fine, but never have cared for Valentine as a manager. Farrell,  a former pitcher, has done his time managing, and should be a good fit for Boston.
I'm sure that there's no truth to the rumor that David Ortiz will be using a "Hoveround chair" to run the bases as the DH.
I notice that they have added "The Flyin' Hawaiian" to their outfield-another good solid player.
If I still lived in Vegas and had an extra $10.00 to throw in the gutter, I would consider making a prop bet now as to who will be in/win the World Series 2013. Detroit and St Louis. Cardinals take it all.
Of course, I've shown myself to be the worst prognosticator since the scout who told Custer, "All clear, boss."
May 2013 treat you better than I deserve. Much, much better.

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Doug said...

On my personal horizon, which will probably happen this weekend, is watching the souped up Blu Ray of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". I found the four movie set on the cheap, figuring I can use "The Crystal Skull" disc as a coaster. Still working my way slowly through Middle Earth, so it may be awhile at that.
Winter is for tucking in and enjoying life. Have some.