Thursday, January 24, 2013

You Lucky, Lucky Personage!

So I was thinking about Howard the other day-Hughes, not 'the duck'-one of the richest men in the world, shuffling around with his feet in tissue boxes, fingernails like Cruella Deville...he had it made, right?
He never heard of Katy Perry. He missed American Idol by a couple of decades. His PHONE had to STAY! IN! HIS! MANSION!!!
Howard Hughes loved movies, even made a couple, but there was no Netflix for the poor old Howard. He owned a tv station, I think KLAS in Las Vegas, and he would call the station and have them play his favorite movies.
But what could he watch them on? CRT. Cathode Ray Tube. With less resolution than a Nintendo wristwatch.
Picture on top is one of the newest of the new OLED televisions which cost more than my house (almost).
Bottom pic is the British version of American Gladiators...on ICE. Which would be awesome on an OLED!
Next time you're scrolling through the World Wide Webs (like...right now) stop a moment to appreciate the technology at your fingertips (especially if you have a touchscreen 'puter).
Howard Hughes had multi multi millions of dollars, but he couldn't buy a laptop. Poor guy.

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Doug said...

If you look to the right on the front page you will see the link for Movie Morlocks-if you haven't been, you should, like, check it out.
As for the post-I wanted to name someone who is a 'big star' right now, and picked Katy Perry to show how hep, how in touch with the Showbiz thing that I am.