Saturday, December 07, 2013


In our accumulation of days and years it is inevitable that events pass from memory.
Eventually "Pearl Harbor" may become disassociated from the date of the attack, December 7th, 1941.
But we remember, though two generations from now that event may be as distant as Gettysburg is for us.
My mother passed away December 7th, 2010. We who remember her will someday also be just a name,
a memory. And then forgotten.
But this isn't a maudlin post. We all have loss in our lives, whether it is from a major attack during war or the passing of someone we love. But there is more.
See the third picture above? That is a new morning, picture taken today somewhere in the world.
Someone thought it was so beautiful that they wanted to share it with everyone. We might not remember it tomorrow, but while it is here in front of us today, we appreciate the beauty. Sufficient unto the day is the beauty thereof.

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Doug said...

Not much else to say, except I am tucking in, watching movies today.
'ceptional carpe diem