Monday, December 30, 2013


I have no idea if Teddy actually said the attributed statement above, but I like it.
Long view, peoples.
I was going to grumble about a thing or two, but this is better.
Unless there is some catastrophic event which would demand the suspension of our laws, we will be
finished with this President in just a few years.
His 'signature legislation', that which he cherished so much, can be dismantled and tossed away if the People
decide to free themselves of it.
Don't know if that will happen.
But I know this-whatever happens, whoever 'wins' in the next decade or two, we will continue to foul things up. We're human. That's our schtick.
When Christ returns and judges the entire world, all of EVERYTHING that you know will change.
That Christ hasn't returned YET is good news for you, that Salvation is still an option.
The world will continue in chaos until Christ returns.
Until that day, we are wheat and tares, sinners and Saved growing together. We live in the same world, though we Christians are no longer residents here.
Listen to someone who knows-seek Christ while He may be found. I'd love to see you in Heaven.

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Doug said...

This year hasn't been stellar, but I am grateful to God for everything.
I am loved by God, and that makes no sense, as I don't deserve Heaven.
But I am grateful.
The old joke is true:
"The world is unfair!"
"Yeah, but I wish it were unfair on MY favor!"
It is.
God loves me anyway, so I am happy to benefit from the unfairness in my favor.