Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Thumbprint Meta Ikon

Sometimes an image pictorially exemplifies an emotion. Case in point above.
Whether or not the dog is happy, it LOOKS happy, and that shows how I feel
right now.
You may have heard of the "Peace that passes all understanding" with which Christians
are Blessed through Christ.
Here's the thing-if you were to look at my life, dissect all might not see much
reason for happiness or Peace.  Logically, I should be UN-happy. 
But I have Peace and I am happy.
Cynics might ripost with:"Truly happy people don't proclaim it-Doug must be putting on 
a happy face to hide the truth."
A few posts ago I wrote one of my darker items, the "Christmas Angel Parable". It was about a very real someone who does not share my Peace and happiness.
But even if such sadness and darkness are a part of my life...I am still at Peace, and am still
Even if I can't figure it out.
May God Bless you in this new year.

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Doug said...

The picture to the right of the post is from approximately 1968. I was stylin' back then yah sure.