Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Fail Gin

I did it! I watched 10 seconds of the Grammys! What do I win? What?
People I didn't recognize pronounced someone I had never heard of the winner of
a Grammy.
Then I lost interest and went back to what I was doing.
But I've heard that a bunch of couples got married-some homosexual, some straight, some other and whatever else?
During an award show?
I wonder how the Oscars ceremony will respond!
Here's my response-the Liberal Agenda-ites are scared to death that they are going to get slaughtered during the mid-term elections.
Their base is silent, their base has been decimated economically under the Liberal administration of President Obama. Their base is now paying higher taxes. AND LOSING JOBS!
How can they get that base fired up? How can they hope to win politically this year?
Be so outrageous, offend Conservatives so greatly so as to elicit a response. Conservatives are all about protecting 'traditional Marriage. Let's put a thumb in their eye!
 Then the Liberals can raise money, gin up support by blasting Conservatives for being so hateful, so out of touch, homophobic and upset over something so wonderful as, for example,
a mass wedding ceremony during an awards show.
You Liberals will do what you want no matter what. My opinion matters not a whit to you. 
The Grammys matters not one whit to me.
Gin up support by promoting your policies, if they are so wonderful. 
Don't try to make money off of my emotions.
As the McKenzie Brothers would say, "Take off, eh!"


Doug said...

Aaaaannnndddd of course Bob and Doug won a Juno award and were only nominated for a Grammy with "The Great White North" but hey, life goes on.
Here-this is what would actually offend me about marriage for Homosexuals: try to make MY church perform such a ceremony.
That may be where we are heading as a culture, forcing Christians to offend God rather than Man, but it ern't so right now.
May God Bless you today.

James Bradshaw said...

My problem with the Grammys was that the music was just generally awful (with the possible exception of the Metallica mashup with the concert pianist). Otherwise, it was bubblegum pop, most likely all to be forgotten in three months.

"That may be where we are heading as a culture, forcing Christians to offend God rather than Man ..."

It's not going to happen. It's perfectly legal for Jews to marry Christians and for heterosexuals to marry five times in their lives even though many churches would not sanction these unions. No one's suing ... and even if they did, it would never past muster in a court. I suppose there are a few jerks who might try, but generally, gay couples (and everyone else) just want the legal recognition. Yes, personal affirmation as nice, but you can't MAKE people like you or agree with everything you do.

- James

Doug said...

Hello James-I did say:"it ern't so right now."
Just an example-President Obama wanted Catholic universities to offer birth control in their employee health insurance.
They balked on religious grounds,stating that such birth control items went against their beliefs. culture vs church.
THAT is the kind of thing I was talking about.
Homosexual marriage, if it is deemed
"Legal" in a state, then a church could possibly be sued for refusing to allow a homosexual wedding in their church.
There was a recent case where a Christian cake decorator did not want to make a cake for a homosexual wedding---and that baker was sued. And I believe the baker lost the court case.
Bottom line-if Christians have no say about what goes on in the culture, then the culture should have no say about what happens in the church, or be allowed to punish/penalize any Christian for his or her beliefs, even if they are in stark contrast with the culture.