Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do You Dislike Hypocrites?

Just a short post, I promise. Hearing President Obama lecturing America on "Inequality" made me sit down and consider a few things.
Does President Obama fight against "Inequality" with regard to opportunities, wealth?
He does?
So all should be equal?
We should?
If the median income in the United States were, for example, $60,000 (I'm making up the number as this is just moon-beaming)...then if he is sincere, he should give away all of his millions until he is only worth $60,000.
Al Gore and every other millionaire should divest themselves of their fortunes, giving to the poor so as to raise each of us up to $60,000.
That would be equal. Median-all the same. No one 'earning' more than that would receive a penny more-instead it would be put into funds for the next generation coming up, who could receive their $60,000 at birth, or 11th birthday. More moon-beaming.
Would John Stewart or Al Franken be willing to give away their fortunes until each only has $60,000 left?
Wouldn't that be a moral victory for those who wish to root "Inequality" out of our Nation?
Please remember: if all are equal, then the fireman who saves a family from a burning building is just as worthy as the drug smuggling, child murdering gang member to receive his $60,000.
As a wise man once said, "We are all equal under the Law. THAT is equality."
But enough about Mark Levin.

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Doug said...

Really now-who is to decide what is inequal? Based on what metric?
What I see is a lot of politicians making a lot of money for telling you what to get angry about.