Friday, January 24, 2014

SOTU Happens

Things To Come 2014 Edition

Believe it or don’t, I DO edit and censor my posts at FDW and F(er)DW-(another edit just happened right here!).
I recently mentioned that President Obama is a Liar. SOTU happens…next Tuesday, and I imagine that he will be in rare form, generating more lies per sentence than his closest rival, Hill Clinton.
I assume that he will proudly proclaim the Affordable Care Act to be a spectacular success.
He will describe in glowing terms his genius foreign policy endeavors which have calmed the chaotic waters of political upheaval in the Middle East.
He will point proudly at his immigration reforms, economic growth, green initiatives and, with just a touch of his characteristic modesty, admit that his administration has ended “Gridlock” in Washington through his willingness to meet Republicans half way across the aisle.  “Together, we will make Washington work again!” will be his anthem of co-operation.

Here’s what I see happening in the next few years.
The Affordable Care Act will be SNAFU, once all Doctors and Hospitals are placed under the Government’s control.
The Middle East will become a conflagration now that Iran has become Nuclear.
Our borders will become non-existent.
Our economy will be devastated.
People will starve and die as they won’t have money for food or medicine.
The President will keep on lying, as he doesn’t have the strength of character to admit to any wrong.

I would love to be proven wrong. Watch the SOTU and see how it compares with the reality you live everyday.

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Doug said...

I know that, properly, it is a the State Of the Union Address, but
SOTUA looks wrong.

Make a game of it. If you imbibe alcoholic beverages, maybe take a drink at each whopper you hear.
As I don't imbibe, I can't play, but I'm pretty sure that I will feel much the same you by the end of the speech.

Take two shots every time President Obama blames someone else for the troubles inflicted by his Administration's policies.