Sunday, May 18, 2014

Choose Your Pitons

Ohh, youth. If I could magically communicate with my 1978 self, I would tell him that his future
is set, and that all will be fine.
If I could magically communicate with the makers of "Noah" I would tell them that their future is set,
and unless they repent, all will not be fine.
And IF I could visit with Mel Brooks, I would simply say "Thank you, Mel."


James Kucera said...

"And IF I could visit with Mel Brooks, I would simply say "Thank you, Mel." "

I'm a huge fan of The Producers. Funniest musical ever.

You know he's Jewish, right?

James Kucera said...
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Doug said...

Hello James-I absolutely know that Mel Brooks is Jewish.
Your question is a bit puzzling-why wouldn't I know that Brooks is Jewish? I've probably been watching his movies since before you were born.
Turner Classic Movies is hosting a Brooks tribute of movies from his production company which are not "Mel Brooks comedies", which is why he came to mind
when I began cobbling this post together.
If you're wondering why I, an admitted Christian, would be a fan of a non-Christian film maker...I'd say that you have no clue who I am. Look back through the archives here and you will find many posts about film and other non-religious topics.
Why? Because I am a human person with varied interests who is also a Christian.
Just for fun, you can look back through the past 8 months or so and count the number of posts critical of some elements of Christianity or paganized alleged Christianity.

Welcome back, if you are the same James that pops up now and again.