Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The 40% solution

There. That's much better. You have to love a map that looks at the world differently.
People? That see the world differently that you do? Eh...
Those whose nose is in the knows might recognize the title of this post as a riff (riph?) on the Nicholas Meyer novel or the movie based on same which examined Sherlock Holmes predilection for Cocaine mixed in "The Seven Percent Solution".
So...what would be Doug's 40 percent solution?
A conversation where the opposing conversant agreed with, placated, shined Doug on so as to make Doug (me) believe that said conversant was willing to make changes regarding issues presented.
I (Doug) told the conversant during the conversation that I was a student of human nature; we shall see in the next few weeks/months/weak months whether I am right in my estimation that 40% of what I said might make some small positive change, while the 60% silently rejected during the conversation was ignored and forgotten by the time the conversant left.
Why am I so pessimistic?
I'm a student of human nature. People don't change how they operate just because someone talked at them for two hours.
I would love to be wrong. I would love it if 80% or more of the things we discussed came to fruition.
I'll let you know how things work out. Isn't that a neat map, though?

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Doug said...

So as to not taint the hypotheses,
I am not going to point to this post as I have others.
Time for rest-my brain is full.