Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Ditchdigger, A Brothel Owner And The Pope Walk Into A Bar And...

if you are waiting for the punchline, you might be disappointed. Read on, brave souls!
What you have in the picture above is a nice Summer morning on a lake, pic taken from the front of a boat just boating around a bit before breakfast.
Don't be confused by what you can't see-it's there. I know-I took the picture.
It doesn't matter if a person is a Pope, a brothel owner, a ditchdigger or some knuckle draggin' blogger still drinking last night's decaf because it's there:
NO ONE is beyond the reach of God's Grace!
Grace is only Grace because we have to accept it on God's terms-Grace being the unmerited favor of God, Who made it possible for all humanity to be saved.
Pope Benny is the figurehead of a pagan global empire.
God could extend Benny Grace and save him from hell, redeem him from his worthless religion.
A brothel owner, a merchandiser of sin, is considered almost as contemptible as a lawyer.
God could by His Grace redeem that sinner, set him free from the life of sin and bring him into God's Kingdom.
Any ditchdigger,  any lowly cog in a big machine, an unremarkable person who the world would never miss...we all are known by God, created by Him, and what the world counts as unworthy can be precious to God. God by His Grace makes sinners into saints for eternity.
That is Grace.

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Doug said...

I am pretty intolerant of false religion, especially those false religions which come with a Christian label claiming to be about Grace but are actually all about Man approaching God on Man's terms.
Fail. Never will anyone be good enough to approach God in that way.
Which doesn't stop men from trying.
There's your Catholicism tied up in a purple bow.
Claiming to represent God, they tie up their congregants with so many knots (thou shall not) and shalls (thou shall) and emotional baggage/guilts that even Catholics who believe in Catholicism know it's all garbage. They are stuck because to not believe in Catholicism is a sin and they don't want to go to hell just in case it does exist.
That is all WORKS and no part of Grace.
More to come