Sunday, January 25, 2015

Forth Coming Explanations

My last post might have caused querulous scratching of heads and puzzled looks, so this is a bit of an explainer, with hopefully clearer understanding.
My premise is that we are shaped by the events, good and bad, that happen to us in our lifetimes. We can be 'warped', as in turned, twisted from what we were to what we are. Sometimes the warping can cause us to Loop.
In the center of the picture on the last post is the image of a young woman whom I described in the comments as being 'half my age with twice my IQ' which may sound funny, but is pretty much true.
Without personal details, she (who will remain unnamed), by the are of 18 had already been 'warped' by the death of her father. It hurt her, changed her in some ways which are part of her still.
I have been warped also-for the last five years of his life, my father had progressively worsening dementia. My mother and I took care of him, shooting him with insulin, keeping him healthy, doing all of what goes with such a condition.
Yeah, it warped me. It was a relief when he died; what we didn't know was that my Mother would pass a few months later.
Moving away from personal experience, here's what I meant by the looping.
A person drinks alcohol to excess. Warp.
The alcoholism destroys his life, affects his family relationships, job performance, warping him until he's so twisted up that it is all he can do to survive another day.
He tries to stop drinking, but falls back into drinking time after time. Loop.
Loop. Loop.
Sometimes there are no happy endings.

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Doug said...

More detail-less warping:
no, I can't go there.
If the post seems 'darker' than my usual drivel, let's just say that there's a reason.
But God is good, and is with us through all that we face.
If you do not believe in God, it doesn't change anything.
He is still there.
And you benefit from His Grace as much as I do:
you have Life, and freedoms, and free will.
None of those just 'happen'.