Saturday, January 24, 2015

Warp And The Loop

Mune. As in not im-mune.
Often here at FDW I point out the differences between Christians and everyone else-differing beliefs, world views
But we have common ground, as, according to Genesis, God formed us out of dirt. We ARE common ground.
We begin knowing nothing; the wisdom that we accumulate through our lives helps define who we are, opposed (usually) to who everyone else has become.
We clique together with those we share commonalities with.
One heartfelt commonality: we all want to do well, to make it through life with as few catastrophes as possible.
Not easy.
For some, impossible.
But we try.
Life events (which are Life) Warp us. Good events or bad, we are turned, bent, warped by what happens throughout our lives.
And sometimes the warp turns us so greatly that we Loop, going round and around the same old difficulties with the same tired results.
We all share that common-reality.
Mune. Muse. Hope.
As I've gotten older,  the loops are more infrequent, and the warping seems to have been sanded down (by Life. Again) to the point where I am straighter than I was, traveling a less convoluted road.
But I'm not immune to the warping and looping-none of us are.
But I got HERE, when and where I am in 2015 only by the Grace of God.
May He do for you what He is doing for me.

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Doug said...

You might find the picture on this post odd.
Loops and warps: some clear, some foggy. Some repeating portions and at the center of it, a woman who has faded half away.
She's half my age with twice my IQ.
Doesn't matter-warps and loops and the best we can hope for is a forgiving God Who has promised to conform His children to the image of Christ.
That might scare you, but it is my Hope.