Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stand Or Kneel

Purported to be a picture of Paris right now, a demonstration (opposite of angelstration) of unity in the face of attacks by Islamic terrorists.
It's easy over here, sitting in my computer chair, to denounce Islamic murderers, and to claim that I stand with those in Paris.  I do so right now.
Here's one for you paganistas out there: If standing strong against Islam meant that you must join arms and stand together with Christianity...all the while opening yourselves up to charges of religious bigotry, of being hateful towards someone based on their religion...could you do it?
France is part of the alleged "Post-Christian Europe", with empty churches
and populations too 'evolved' to need religion.
Well, they are getting a whole bunch of religion stuffed down their throats,
and whatever issues the French people had with Christianity pale into insignificance compared to the "Submission" under which Muslim controlled peoples live. Submission which France might be less than a generation from seeing as a reality.
Could it happen here?
Could Islam plants it's flag (metaphorically speaking) not only over Europe, but also the United States?
I think so.
According to Scripture, 'all the nations of the world' will be brought together against the Lord-read Psalm 2 for just one example.
At that time, whichever civilization or portion thereof "owns" whichever lands is moot-the entire world will be united against Christ, unified in attacking
Israel and Jerusalem (Now who does that sound like?).
The good news, as far as we Christians are concerned, is that Islam and all others who oppose God will be defeated by God when He returns and sets up His New World Order, sitting enthroned in Jerusalem.
But, what do we do now? How to answer an implacable  FOE of over a billion adherents who would rather die than see Islam defeated? Or even insulted?
Right now, stand with Paris. Denounce Islam as a false religion; if you feel that all religions are false, remain constant in your character and refuse to kneel before Islam. Loudly. I'll be doing the same.


Doug said...

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
Bill had the right of it.
If curious, look into why Dearborn, Michigan
will do as a beachhead for Islam until the real thing comes along.

Lucia said...

I think you're drawing a false dichotomy between Christianity and Islam. I stand against terrorism in any name; if that puts me shoulder to shoulder with Christians, Jews, atheists, Muslims, Martians, or all of the above, so be it.

Many Muslims, probably the vast majority, abhor terrorism in the name of Islam or anything else.