Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Love Darkness, But...

Sunshine can be pretty cool, too.
About the darkness thing-I'm talking about physical darkness, absence of light.
I know that some folks are 'scared of the dark' but it is otherwise for me.
Partly because I have been careful through my life to avoid dangerous elements and behaviors-even living in Vegas I could go out walking at three in the morning without worry because I was always sober, and didn't venture into the bad sides of town late at night. And Vegas has many 'bad sides'.
During daylight, I once carried over $10,000 cash through the middle of Milwaukee without a worry. On foot.
My ship was getting ready to leave on a payday, and the afternoon shift couldn't leave to cash their checks; I offered to run to the bank for everyone and, as I had no car at that time, I hoofed it.
Day or night, light or dark-I basically don't fear anything. Fun way to live.

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