Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Of Conscience Course

Much rhubarb has been tossed this week defaming Indiana as a state of ill repute-that the gummint there has legislated a hate crime against some somebodies. You know who.
I posted the definite article, the law in it's actual language on Facebook.  No one noticed.
I'll give you the quick translation from legalese to humanese: no hate, just a reminder that gummint can't force religious edicts on religious persons. An echo of the 1st Amendment.
Of course, the animus curiae to the Court of Public Opinion who have been barking at Indiana have assumed, wrongly, that the Religious must bow and scrape to them and their ideals. As if they are superior, and we are somehow second class citizens with fewer rights.
Wonderful thing about America: my opinion is mine, and your opinion, right, wrong or stupid,  is yours. Equal protection under the law-sounds pretty civil, right?
If MY opinions were enforced, there would be no abortion clinics, no homosexual marriage, and we would have a smaller, working Government.
Don't want to live in that world?
You don't have to, as my opinions are not the law of the land.
Title of the post is: "Of Conscience Course".
My conscience is clear, my course, my path ahead the same. I will keep obeying God by
obeying the laws of the land in which I live, no matter how skewed they become by humans doing what comes naturally. Messing things up.
Is there a limit to such obedience?
Certainly. I will obey the laws of the land in which I live until such laws would violate my conscience, or the ordinances of God. If God says NO, it means NO, no matter what the Courts say.
Especially the Court of Public Opinion.

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Doug said...

If at least one person reads this post through to the end,then it is a good day.
About the picture-I simply flipped the clouds so that they lighter part would be on top. I like it.