Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Bow Not To Rainbows

For those wondering, Proverbs 25:26.
For those wandering, Proverbs is a collection of Wisdom literature compiled in the Bible, found after Psalms and before Ecclesiastes.
In the past day I've been hit with so much worldly enthusiasm concerning things which God calls sin.
I won't give way before the wicked, and neither will my brothers and sisters in Christ.
Some of us are having our heads chopped off. Christians are imprisoned for their faith in many lands.
So I'm pretty sure that we can survive a few disrespectful nants shaking rainbows at our faces.
Besides, I doubt that many of us assumed that this was a God honoring country.
Nope. This country and this world want nothing to do with God.
The world's battle cry concerning Christ's influence in their lives:
“Let us tear their fetters apart     And cast away their cords from us!”
What's the next line? Oh yeah.
God is Supreme above the Supreme Court.
God has a redemptive plan which includes Christ returning and putting an end to human nefariousness. But until that day...
"Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound." Romans 5:20


Doug said...

Here's the thing-I have good friends (at least, I DID have, before this post) who are all happy about 'gay marriage'.
What makes me happy is seeing God honored and respected. And never Mark Twain shall I meet.

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Lucia said...

I won't give way before the wicked

Are gay people wicked, and are Christians righteous?

Doug said...

Hi Lu-I've been busy, working a lot, so I haven's touched base here for a bit.
"Are gay people wicked, and are Christians righteous?"
Absolutely. On both counts.
But before you scramble to your moral high ground...anything that God calls wicked is wicked. He's the sole arbiter as to what is righteous and what is wicked.
From His moral high ground you are an infinitesimal speck.
'are Christians righteous?'
Yes. Not in ourselves-I prove daily that I am personally NOT righteous.
But the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us, is 'put into our account' so that when God looks down from Heaven and sees us, He sees Christ.
If that blows your mind, we have that in common.
That's why I keep going on and on about Grace-because I KNOW that I do not deserve to be saved, to be considered righteous...but God extends His Grace to whom He will.
I know, I know-"He sends people to hell-that is not loving!"
Lu, if you had been on the Titanic and someone made room for you in the lifeboat by giving up his would be grateful to that someone. You wouldn't complain that he didn't save all the rest.

Lucia said...

I just saw this... of course I'd be grateful to that person on the Titanic and not reproach him for not saving everyone else as well. Your analogy is flawed, however: no human being would have been able to save everyone on the Titanic. God (sftsoa) could have, and He could save every person on this planet if He so chose. He chooses not to; therefore He's not both infinitely merciful and infinitely powerful.

Think for a minute about what infinite mercy would mean. An infinitely merciful being could redeem Hitler with less effort than it takes me to write this sentence. Can you imagine being able to do that? Can you imagine wanting to? I can't. God can, but chooses not to.