Thursday, June 04, 2015

Seven Decades and One Year On...

1945. The caption for the photo above read "Liberated from a Nazi death camp."
That little girl might be 74 now- a grandmother, perhaps.
Seventy One years ago D Day set the world on a better path, stopping Hitler's ego driven madness.
Seventy years ago the War ended-May 8th in Europe, August 15th with Japan surrendering.
Remember Pearl Harbor. Remember D Day. Remember Hiroshima. Remember that  Nagasaki happened because Japan did not surrender after Hiroshima.
Will future generations remember?
Do WE remember?
Do we?


Doug said...

I like to think that we are counting down, not up-rather than counting the years since the last big War...we should look forward to the return of Christ during which "swords shall be beaten into plowshares." meaning that there will be an end to all War.
Won't happen right away, but all in good time.

Doug said...