Thursday, June 25, 2015


Just in case any serious jihadi-jedis happen upon this post, the Danish artwork above is of a man named John Doe #7, so I am NOT insulting the religion of y'all.
John Doe. Not Muhammad. Got it?
Purists, if they still exist, might remark on my post title being misspelled.
What does it matter anymore?
An Idiot targets Christians because they are black. And Christian. Notice that the Idiot
did not try to exterminate Nation of Islam adherents, although they are more demonstrably racist than anyone else. He went for the soft targets.
Obamacare was 'upheld' by the SCOTUS, which shocked no one who has been paying attention. No shock, just sad.
That evil disease which crops up every four years is beginning to make its stink known:
politicos are shouting up themselves and shouting down their opponents. And no one listens.
Here's the thing-I will never be amazed by Man continually making things worse. I am
sometimes cheered and amazed by selfless acts of Good which happen DESPITE this world's spinning faster and further into trubbles.

Bruce Cockburn, in "Hills Of Morning":
"But everything you see's not the way it seems --
Tears can sing and joy shed tears.
You can take the wisdom of this world
And give it to the ones who think it all ends here."


Doug said...

The Cockburn album, "Dancing In The Dragon's Jaw" is pretty special-in 1981 I was temporarily assigned in Key West and a Christian brother shared the album with me. I still am sharing it with others today.
If this were the place where 'it all ends here' I would be trubbled to death. But it isn't.
The more things go horribly awry, the more I am reminded that God in in His Heaven, and, when He finally calls "Enough!"-this paltry little trouble-filled world will be redeemed and restored to beauty such as we can't yet comprehend. That will be perfect-and we are waiting for that Day.

Lucia said...

I guess the fine upstanding entrepreneurs of this great land won't be able to sell tickets to watch poor working people die in the streets of treatable diseases after all. What a shame.

Doug said...

non-sequitur much, Lu?
It took me a second or three to comprehend your statement.
Maybe some tea with honey would help wash away the bile, friend.
I'm a poor working people.
I had no health insurance for the last while, but now am covered again through my workplace.
For now.
Until the insurance becomes so expensive that my company has to cancel it, throwing us poor working people into Affordable Care Act land.
Have a good night, Lu.

Lucia said...

Obamacare was 'upheld' by the SCOTUS, which shocked no one who has been paying attention. No shock, just sad.

Why is health care for all sad? You seem to think not having health insurance is some sort of virtue. Maybe it doesn't matter for you, but if you had a spouse or a child who needed medical care, or if you needed it yourself to treat an illness that kept you from working, you might see it differently... or not, knowing you.

Employers of 50 or more full-time workers, I think it is, have to offer health insurance. Smaller employers don't. People who work for themselves or for smaller employers can buy health insurance through an exchange under the ACA. Again, this is a bad thing because...?

The biggest obstacle to an American's starting their own business has historically been health insurance. Suppose you have a terrific idea for a product that everyone will want to buy, but your child has a serious illness requiring expensive treatment and your spouse doesn't work because caring for said child is a full-time job. Before the ACA you were stuck. Now you're not. This is a bad thing?

Doug said...

"Why is health care for all sad?"
Because it isn't about health care.
It is about the government controlling all power,every aspect of life.
The old tard of "Cradle to the grave" control which, if done by Republicans would have you screaming bloody murder about intrusions into your life.
The Affordable Care Act wasn't created to make health care affordable for all, though that was the claim. And it wasn't about covering those who did not have health care.
Most young people didn't bother with the financial burden of medical insurance because they were young and invulnerable, immortal until proven otherwise.
Its purpose was to transform this country into a welfare state, making all dependent on the government for everything.
How was the ACA financed? No idea? Look into it, and then ask yourself what would happen to you if you tried to run your finances that same way.
It is illegal now to not have medical insurance. Think about that.
You are a criminal for NOT buying something. You used to have a choice, Lu-weren't you pro-choice? Something about "Keep the government out of MY bedroom, its hands off of MY body!"
Now you are owned by the government.
The saddest part for those who have studied history-we've seen these same schemes attempted time and again, and they usually bring about the end of a society.

Lucia said...

You still have a choice -- if you don't want to buy health insurance you can pay a fine instead. It's not a crime, it's a civil infraction, like a parking ticket. The health-care police aren't going to come drag you off kicking and screaming.

You're entirely right about young people's often not signing up for health insurance until they needed it. On the other side of the coin, insurers didn't cover preexisting conditions because it didn't make business sense to do so. (As one of them once memorably put it, you don't insure a house that's on fire.) To get insurance companies to cover those conditions, they had to be given something in return, and that something was a wider pool of customers, many of whom are young and healthy and relatively cheap to insure. In civilized countries having health insurance is part of the social contract, like having to have car insurance before you can drive your spiffy new wheels off the dealer's lot.

(Speaking of cars, I once knew a libertarian who objected to then-new seat-belt laws. He didn't think the government had any right to climb into the car with him. We never got to discussing whether he would accept lower insurance rates due to fewer injuries in accidents, but my bet is that he would have. Most libertarians don't seem to mind the social contract when it benefits them.)

Did you know that, in part because of the ACA, health-care costs are rising much more slowly than projected? You can look it up.

The government doesn't provide health insurance or care to nondisabled nonveterans under 65. Most of us still have employer-provided health insurance, and people who don't can buy health insurance from health-insurance companies on exchanges set up by the government. I'd rather insurance companies and the profit motive were taken out of the picture entirely and we had single-payer coverage, but to pass the ACA the Obama administration had to benefit the health-insurance industry by using a scheme originally concocted at the Heritage Foundation. Again, you can look it up.

Doug said...

"Again, you can look it up."
I doubt that any sources I find would be acceptable to you, and those you might cite would be unacceptable to me.
Facts are stubborn things, said Addams. But he never saw MSNBC.
I did pay the fine the year that I was back at the job but not full time with benefits.
coverage is reduced and our rates are going up-fast or slow doesn't matter-in my view the ACA has done a lot more harm than good.