Monday, September 07, 2015

Amazing Progress

These are amazing times, and I am particularly amazed at the advances in technology we enjoy which might have seemed like magic to our earlier selves.
Above is a picture of what Grandpa used to call "Records" with the latest generation iPod superimposed for a good reason.
I have a "Record Player" which has indeed played records which would revolve 78 times a minute.
I can also 'burn digital files' of those old analog 78s.
Today while working in my living room I tried and enjoyed more "magic" technology-that same record player is "Bluetooth enabled" and I listened to my iPod through its speakers.
As I've mentioned before-my Dad didn't have electricity in their house until he was in his teens.
At that time, '78's' were the main form of recording audio. Now I can listen listen wirelessly to a device I carry on my belt.
That device also has two digital cameras, all kinds of helpful applications, plays videos/movies and has enough 'storage' to hold thousands of albums.
Appreciate what we have, things which our previous generations couldn't dream of.
I've heard it suggested that the poorest Americans are rich compared to some other populations.
Rich or poor, good or bad, cell phone/wireless technology is balancing the scales globally.
I don't apologize for being born into a wealthy country-I had no say in it-but I am glad that the tech advances we enjoy are benefiting everyone. Very cool.

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Doug said...

In his last few years my Dad had dementia, so a lot of things were new to him...often.
I was living with my parents, taking care of them, and my Dad and I would watch sports on my TV up in my room.
Lost track of how many times he said, "Wow! That is the best TV I've ever seen!"
It was pretty good, but what I have now are better.
I appreciate every Blessing, even technological Blessings. Next time you take a hot shower think of how your great great Grands would be shocked that even us serfs and wage slaves have such an excellent Blessing in our homes.