Saturday, September 26, 2015

Good Ink

There's ink and there is ink.
I'm not into tattoos, but I get it. Expression, definition, body as canvas to declare to the
world "This is me." 
That is cool and fine-I've seen some exceptional artistry, and so have you.
I'm watching football tonight (shock-I'm a guy) and I see some college players who could give Lydia the Tattooed Lady some lessons de arte.
My mind, being what it is, collates data and recombines bits to make connections. Here's what I came up with.
Tattoos/Football/beer commercials/alcohol/emotions jacked by game/loss/loss of temper/abuse/need for the black dot program.
Real cheery, right? You should see me at a funeral.
I appreciate this black dot idea, as no one should live in fear of someone they live with.
Alcohol causes more problems than politicians, and that is saying something.
But this isn't an anti-drinking screed. We are now in the NFL season, college football running hard, emotions-highs and lows-are heightened during this season.
Some of the nicest sober guys wouldn't want to be in the same room with their drunk selves.
But oftentimes others are there, and dot.

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Doug said...

I survived four years in the military as a non-drinker. I had shipmates try to slip alcohol into my drinks at bars, others tried to get me to join in...eventually they gave up.
Roger tried to commit suicide a few times on Peppermint Schnapps-once he bit me as a few of us kept him safe.
Another guy sitting against a bathroom wall was close to choking on vomit until I found him, tipping him over.
Just one more.
A call from school: student X didn't show up today. I go looking, and find him where expected, embracing a toilet.
"I'm sick." he said. He was maybe 14. Still not cured.