Sunday, September 20, 2015

But Why Bernie Sanders?

This isn't going to be a screed aca-political-just a few questions to clear away some fog.
Why Bernie Sanders, and why now?
Politically, Sanders is what he terms a 'democratic socialist'. From the wiki page, which may be 100% wrong, but here goes: "Democratic socialism rejects the social democratic view of reform through state intervention within capitalism, seeing capitalism as inherently incompatible with the democratic values of freedom, equality and solidarity.".
Does that sound like a fair assessment to you?
Here comes the 'why Bernie' stuff.
If you live in America, you are involved in a capitalist society. If you are earning money, living in a home on which you pay rent or mortgage (or own outright-miracles do happen!), if you are putting money away for retirement, paying your bills, getting that coffee at the are a Capitalist.
The very life you are living is what Bernie Sanders preaches against.
I saw a man wearing a Bernie For President shirt...working the counter at a hardware store.
I get part of it-most people think that the world is unfair, so someone coming along calling for change to improve the world will get a lot of listeners.
I personally think that the world is unfair in a lot of ways, but I differ greatly with Sanders in that I do not believe Mankind capable of fixing what he has broken-I look to God, for Christ to return and wipe away all human messes.
Here's a litmus test for you who emotionally/socially/politically agree with the positions Bernie Sanders holds:
If Mr. Sanders were right in front of you holding a piece of paper which states, "I ____________, do on this date promise to do my part in helping Bernie Sanders succeed by monetizing all I own, my house, my car, my 401k, EVERYTHING...and giving it to the poor. I hereby reject Capitalism, and will no longer partake in that evil enterprise."
Would you sign it?
I get that your heart may be with Sanders...but your wallet?
As for 'why now'...would Bernie Sanders even get a headline if the Democrats had  solid candidates leading their field? Clinton and Biden and most other 'established' Democrats are multi millionaires-I would love to see Sanders in a debate with them. Whatever happens, I continue to pray for God to Bless this country. Join me in that if you will.

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Doug said...

In keeping with my promise to not make this a political screed, I chose the nicest picture of Sanders rather than one of the many out there which are not so favorable.
As touching on politics...still too soon. I haven't yet landed squarely in any camp, am not yet boosting one candidate above others. I like what quite a few of them have to say, but I keep my grains of salt nearby.
If you have already made up your mind about who to are better than I am.