Friday, November 20, 2015

Beginning To Look A LOT Like You-Know What!!!

Attribution up front-I re-worked the graphic found on The Federalist Papers Dot Org.
Looks like Christmas gift wrapping, doesn't ? Add a few zebras or sleigh bells and it's ready to send to your Aunt Minnie.
As I mentioned in my last post, I doubt that even the Democrat run states want to take in refugees who might actually BE terrorists in Dove's clothing.
But Dems must toe the Party line, even if it harms their citizens OR (may allah for-fend) their re-election hopes!
I wonder how many Democrat Governors received a phone message from President Obama.
(Nice little state you got a shame if anything happened to it.)
But I kid because I care.
You will notice that no one wants South Dakota. Again.
Isn't California just about bankrupt? Perfect place to send thousands of refugees! Just put them on the public dole and, by President Obama's reckoning, the state will do better. Lifts all boats or something.
I think that in a few months, even IF there are no terrorist attacks in America...this map will turn more Red. Meaning that even the Dems will object to hosting those who have been packaged and sold to us as 'refugees'.
Before you label me as a "Hater" or just downright MEAN...think about this.
Can you recall in your lifetime such a mass exodus of refugees from so far away that for some reason (?) MUST land in Europe, America and Australia?
If the problem is in Syria...there are many neighboring countries to which to flee. Unless those countries are no longer safe, either. If that is the case...will every middle Eastern country soon be flooding the Western world with displaced peoples? Are the Syrians only the first of many?
Also, please think of this-if the people leave Syria to get away from ISIS/ISIL, then, as ISIS controls more ground...will they not become more powerful and dangerous?
The Refugee Crisis 2015 may be the first few drops of rain before the roof caves in and we are all washed away in a flood.
But Seriously? South Dakota? Anybody? No?

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