Monday, November 02, 2015

Fair? Unfair? Just?

I haven't any idea how true or untrue the story on Drudge shown above may be. Could be swamp gas, political rhetoric, factually correct or something else.
This isn't about the story as much as the intimation it alleges.
Here's the thing that struck me-IF a Republican President defied rulings of the Supremes, or dared bypass Congress to advance his own political objectives...would Liberals raise a stink about it?
I think they would.
So, if it is wrong for a Republican to act like that...why isn't there more outrage from Democrats when President Obama ignores Congress and the SCOTUS?

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Doug said...

I know it seems as if I'm getting nearer to dipping my toe in the political cesspool. Not really-this isn't a post about politics as much as it is about what I perceive as abuses of power by President Obama, which Democrats seem to cheer/support/approve of.
If a Republican acted as President Obama does, there would be uproar and protests and possibly even unkind words in the streets.
If you think I'm're probably wrong.