Saturday, November 14, 2015

Silver Lining But You May Not Agree

If you don't mind, I'm going to sneak over the border onto some dangerous ground with this post.
Now Paris, soon...Albuquerque? French Lick, Indiana? Dearbornistan?
Short history lesson. Syria has been run for decades by some baddies named Assad.
Recent events by the Syrian populace to remove Assad have caused his regime to double down on the baddie stuff, which has led (?) to a refugee invasion of many European countries.
Millions of refugees flooding into a handful of nations. Who may not assimilate into the cultures they are entering, by design or by nature.
I DID say Silver Lining, and it appears regarding this refuge flood.
"How You Going To Keep Them Down Under Your Thumb (After They've Seen Paree)?"
Yes, there will be continuing clashes of cultures as the Muslims becoming French and German and Danish IN NAME ONLY will refuse to assimilate. We're in for a rough few decades, unless Christ returns and puts an end to human foolishness.
The youngsters-the kids who, if not for this Assad genocide/ refugee crisis would have spent their entire lives stuck in Syria, imprisoned in Islamic ideology...there will be some who break free, reject the hatred they've been taught and indeed assimilate.
Opportunities to break free from Islam will happen, and some will be free.
That is Silver Lining enough for now.

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Doug said...

So, what does the picture have to do with the post?
The young lady is from another country. When she came here, she and her friends spoke pretty good English and LOVED America. Some of them may live here now; if so, they and their children will self identify as Americans.
I believe that every man and woman who live on this planet, to borrow a phrase, "Yearn to be free".
I believe that among the refugees from Assad's atrocities there will be many who break with Islam after discovering other cultures. It may mean walking away from their families and education...but they will make that break and live free.
Agree? Think I'm crazy? That's what this comment page is for.