Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bernied Thoughts and Hillary's Political Half-life

Just a few slices off of my crumb cake of thinking about recent events.
Neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton will lack Vice Presidential candidates
willing to hook their wagon to the Nominee's stars.
Talk about being a heatbeat away from the Presidency!
Bernie, if elected, might not last a week. Doesn't handle pressure well.
Hillary, if she wins, may take her oath of office in a stylish 'orange is the new black' jumpsuit.
Bernie was born before the United States entered World War Two. Let that sink in.
Ok? Ok. Moving on, Hillary seems to garner more server troubles than Win 98.
July 25th-the Democratic Convention kicks off in Philadelphia. 
If Hillary does survive until July...I will be surprised. But I often am.
Look for a plentitude of Vice Opportunist In Chief candidates to toss their hats into the proverbial ring.

1 comment:

Doug said...

How do the Hillary and Bernies of the world garner such wide support?
Not that hard to figure out-it's a sinful, dark world constantly rejecting God.
They are the anti-God Candidates of the anti-God party.
Of course they have support!
If either Bern or Hill called a presser to proclaim that they had accepted Christ,been saved...they would be dropped from the Party, excoriated and repulsed by the people who previously had supported them.
Dark, sinful world.