Monday, February 29, 2016

Unknowning Interview With A Nice Bernite Acolyte

Last night a nice lady called encouraging me to vote for her BFF, Bernie Sanders. Highlights of the call:
"Are you planning to caucus on Tuesday?"
Me: "Yup."
"Have you made up your mind yet as who you would vote for?"
Me: "Nope."
She started gushing enthusiasm for Bernie, and might have even gone off script a bit.
Me: "Since I have a Bernie Sanders person on the line, may I ask you a few questions?"
"Oh sure."
Me: "Great!" I went through my spiel about Hillary and the DNC choosing Bernie to be her opponent in this election so that she could pretend to have 'to fight' for the nomination; I also used the 'ugly tire' analogy-that Bernie is so far to the Left that he makes Hillary look Moderate by comparison, and be honest...he makes her seem 'younger' by contrast.
The Bernie acolyte wasn't offended-she seemed pleased that Bern is considered
Far Left. Badge of Honor.
I gently nudged the conversation over into "Planned Parenthood" territory, asking about the states which were defunding Planned Parenthood over the undercover videos which had caused quite an uproar. She assured me that the ones who put out the faked videos in Texas had been found guilty of something or other.
For those who aren't up on that, the journalists were indicted by a grand jury, but that is as far as it has gone.
Making the journalists the bad guys instead of the Planned Parenthoodlums selling fetal matter...crazy world.
As the Bernite was wrapping up, she encouraged me to vote for Bernie at the caucus, so I came clean and admitted that I couldn't decide between Carson and Cruz, but that I would be caucusing with the Republicants.
In all, a very pleasant conversation.

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Doug said...

I know, I know-my Luteran roots are showing-"acolyte".
Well, she was doing her best to light political candles for Bernie, so I stand by my wording.