Friday, February 12, 2016

Zingers From the Back Pew

The weak tea of the atheist next door, or Atheist Republic.

'The assertion that one has absolute truth on any given topic ignores a fundamental aspect of the human experience; that we are all failing regularly and we have no way of understanding when those moments are without an external, unbiased viewpoint.'

This sums up the failure of atheism and secular humanism. 

Is it not so that the Atheist declares that he or she has absolute truth regarding the non-existence of God? But…but…their proof comes from their human experience! That experience which fails regularly!
Do they claim to have an external unbiased viewpoint regarding their proofs against God’s existence?
Nyet. Their viewpoint is internal, from within the human experience, and extremely biased.

“The human need to be correct, while being important to the advancement of humanity, is also the source of its greatest blunders.”
Neurotic? If by human need to be correct you mean Pride, then we agree.
“The human need to be correct (Pride, fear of being wrong or being seen as a failure) while being important to the advancement of humanity, is also the source of its greatest blunders.”

Or, as the Bible states, Pride goes before a fall. Pride is the gasoline running the motors of human civilization right over the Lemming Cliffs. 
See any humility amongst the atheist ranks? Any humble secular humanists? Nope. If they were humble they might (just might, mind you) admit that they could be wrong concerning the existence of God…but if they do that, their entire sandcastle of Atheism crumbles. 

No one likes to be told that he is wrong-it hurts the pride of an atheist to hear that he is wrong about God. And that Pride makes him double down on his greatest blunder.
Skepticism as a Path to Knowledge
“The truth does not fear the open light of skeptical inquiry but welcomes it, for it is only by asking questions that the truth can be ascertained and falsehoods can be filtered out.”
A lovely statement. I am more than skeptical but if you welcome my inquires, Atheists, how is it that you are so certain that God doesn’t exist if you can’t prove it? What are your proofs? If your proofs cnvince you but not me, are they proofs or guesses? Whose shoulders are you standing on and do they have a firm footing, or are they also standing on the shoulders of guessers?

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Doug said...

The usual "proof" of an atheist is the demand for proof from the opposition. "Can't show me God? Thank you for winning my argument for me."
See you on the radio.