Thursday, March 03, 2016

Lam Entations

Yeah, going back a few decades for this picture. High school, I think.
Here's the thing-just being honest. Saw something very sad today, and it bothers me.
I won't share the incident, as sad is subjective; what saddens me might not affect you at all. And verse vicey.
But what I saw affirmed for me again that God is good to those who seek Him, and the Peace that He gives us the world will never know.
The world has no peace.

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Doug said...

I shut off the Republican debate, but I made it through three minutes this time, so I'm either getting better or worse.
In that three minutes, Trump gave me more reasons why he will never win my respect, and Marco R only mentioned his website 27 times.
Oh, and Kasich was there. I guess.