Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Momento Of Reason

I will not be so cruel as to beat up an old confused man simply because I don't agree with him.
This isn't a beat, but a reasoning. With the unreasonable...I mean Bernie supporters.
I have no doubt that Sanders is sincere in his beliefs. He has a lifetime of experiences which have molded him in to what he is today.
But I disagree with most of his fantastical beliefs.
Let's start with black people.
Bernie was THERE! Being arrested as a young man at civil rights protests.
I have no problem with that-it was an unequal time...but that time is no more.
Except in Bernie's head. And the heads of all Liberals who think "Black People" are a
disadvantaged GROUP which need protection from others.
If you see only groups, you never see anyone as an individual. There are millions of black people around the globe who do not need 'race leaders' to speak for them, to Lead them.
Each one is an individual. In this country there are millions of people who are black who work, raise kids and do their best to make it through life while totally ignoring those who tell them they are an unequal group who should be ANGRY.
Bernie also has a class problem, and I don't mean those shirts he wears. 
Liberals and in this case, Socialists are all about economic class warfare. 
Bernie hates the rich and thinks you should, too.
Bernie loves the poor and thinks you should, too.
He's a Socialist. Which means his ideal will be to do away with both.
Socialists will promise anything (free college?) to anyone, but in Socialism everyone is a slave to the State. 
In Bernie's head, if you have a personal ambition- to be a doctor, an engineer or, Heaven help you, a writer...
you may be educated, but not for you. Only for the State. Your life only matters as a tiny cog in the State machine.
It's time for a but, Doug!
But, Doug! If Bernie wants to do away with poverty, that's a GOOD thing!
And if he could deliver on that ideal, his would be a noble cause. But look at every Socialist state on the planet which hasn't yet died, and you will find Poverty.
You'll find the Rich there, also. In charge of the State. Forcing their slaves to live and die so that they can live in luxury as they run everything.
Bottom line-while you may admire some of his arguments in a nebulous "That's right, Bernie! Stink it to Trump!" kind of atmo...if you think for yourself, wish to determine where you will live, what you will do for work, how you will live your life...then Bernie is your political enemy. Vote accordingly.

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Doug said...

In the collage you may have noticed the picture of Hillary laughing at a Trump sign.
Cackle your little tiny coal black insignificant bloodless heart out, Hilly.
If you make it to November,I will be laughing, too. At you not with you.