Friday, March 04, 2016

Better Days A Coming

Hope Rush doesn't mind, but I needed to balance out the composition.
I used the official FBI logo, but as we the people own the government, I just repurposed a bit of 'my own stuff'.
Here's the low down dirty shame of an opinion that I've been fomenting:
Hillary Clinton has been working towards this election since she stepped aside for Obama 8 years ago.
I think, to use an ancient expression, that she is "Whistling past the graveyard".
Meaning that she is putting up a big front, acting as if the Justice Department has never been concerned about her allegedly improper email server.
Here's a very important point-as she is running for President, she can claim that any such investigation by the FBI is politically motivated, political dirty tricks.
She can't point towards a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" this time, as there is a Democrat in the White House, and the Congressional Republicants acquiesce to his every whim, so she needs a new villain to Demonize...John Kasich?
This may turn out to be the craziest election year since...ever.
The Repub deep pocket crowd might run Romney at the convention if Trump trumps the rest of the field.
The DNC, if Hillary is incarcerated, might lurch over to Kerry's mansion and ask if he still wants to be President. Because Bernie scares them more than Trump.
I was joking before about jolting Joe Biden and Obama flipping the tables over and running again with Joe as the nominal President whilst Obama hides behind the throne. After a year, Joe begs off "For his family" and Obama appoints his wife Vice President.
What? Legally he can't do that? That's never stopped him before.

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Doug said...

I think that Hillary LOVES! the turmoil on the Republican side right now.
Fewer hot spotlights aimed at her very real troubles.
It will all shake out, and we will continue on.