Monday, March 21, 2016

Serenity RTTOM

For the 99% of Facebook that hasn't followed my website for years, I sometimes amalgamate a few different items together on a post called "Random Thoughts Tuesday". 
Can't wait, so...Random Thoughts Tuesday On Monday!

As I haven't ruffled enough feathers lately, this week is populated with some very religious days.
I hate religion. I resist Pagans telling Christians how to Church. No Maunday Thursday. No Easter.
I will rejoice in remembering Christ's Resurrection. Pagans can go do their pagan stuff somewhere else.

Tomorrow or soon the Apple Computer vs FBI hootenanny will be performed in some courthouse, generating a lot of ink and verbiage from Talkheaders on medias.
Really simple for me: Apple can tell the FBI to go climb a fig tree. The Government can STOP you from doing something illegal, but cannot abrogate your or my or Apple's protected rights, forcing us to DO something illegal.  If the FBI wants to catch bad guys, they have to do it LEGALLY within the limits of the LAW, or they are themselves criminal.

Speaking of criminals, President Obama is in Cuba right now.

Caught a bit of news-a major league baseball player who defected from Cuba a few years ago has returned to his homeland to take part in an exhibition game against the Cuban National team.
He makes millions of dollars in America; according to the news report, before he defected he played baseball for the princely sum of four dollars a month.
I would like to see President Obama living on four dollars a month. In Cuba.

Another case of defection/asylum: good ol Bernie Sanders, who defected from Reality back before you were born (maybe) may end up in an asylum before this political season runs its nasty coarse.
I heard that his campaign was crowing about raising more money than the Clinton campaign in the past month.
What? What self respecting Socialist brags about raising money? Sounds kind of Capitalisty to me.
Be careful, Bernie! Gather too much money and you might become a millionaire and then you would be forced to protest yourself! Hence, the future asylum gig.

No Random post would be complete without giving my favorite Hillary a mention.
Hill? Cackle down to the local orchard and go climb a fig tree. Tell Bill: "I feel his pain."

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Doug said...

My secret is out: often I write merely to amuse myself.
If anyone else gets a grin or grimace out of it, that's gravy on french fries.