Friday, August 05, 2016

Happy Haloween, Everybody!

Can we all just get along?
As of right now (!) 95 days until the Election.
Each side will say unbelievable things about the other.
And Polls!
Polls are the most fantastic fairy-dust foolishness ever perpetrated on a humble populace.
Polls should not be believed, EVER. The last two days before an election polls usually
'tighten up' and approach Reality so that the pollsters can claim to have 'gotten it right'.
But even then...naw.
Here's an idea-hold the Candidates-all four of them-to the same personal standard that
you have for yourself.
If you hate lying and refuse to lie...
If you honor truth...
If you always accept responsibility for your actions...
If you do your best to follow the Golden rule...
don't accept any candidate who doesn't measure up to your standard.
See you in November.

1 comment:

Doug said...

If you think that I had fun putting this one together, you are batting a bullseye.
But from the heart, let's not lose our humanity over something so trivial as a presidential election.
You will see a lot of bad characters behaving like monsters under the guise of loyalty to a Party.
No! Jerks are jerks, and a jerk who feels 'justified' is the worst type of troll.
Be better than that.