Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Yup-I Remembered It Right!

Something bugging me all afternoon-first off, this isn't so much a political post as it is me trying to wrap my head around something that happened years ago. The graphic above, formatted to fit-is from the Huffington Post, two years ago.
What bugged me: I had heard Hillary Clinton state on a video that 'she and Bill were dead broke when they left the White House'.
I'm not sure if the minimum had been raised above $200,000 per year for the President in 2001-but let's just for fun(ny) set it at $200,000.
Eight years equals 1,600,000.
Dead broke?
If I had earned 1,600,000...I would be considered 'wealthy'.
How fiscally irresponsible must you be to earn that much and end up "Dead Broke"?
I'm not just rhetoricalizing-I really can't understand WHY this is part of the Clinton narrative.
To show that they are just 'common folk' who live hand to mouth with the rest of us?
Shame? Naw.
Stage setting? Making it appear that Hillary has overcome so many obstacles on her journey?
I don't believe that they were 'dead broke' when they vacated  the White House. If they were broke...they have somehow survived with bank accounts intact.  And how!

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Doug said...

This certainly is the oddest election that I've ever seen. Teresa Heinz Kerry gave us some giggles when hubby John was the Nom-she would have really been a hoot as First Lady.
Jimmy Carter looks like Reagan compared to President Obama, but back when he was messing up the country, it was a fascinating time. Killer rabbits and Amy's advice and all of those other goofs. Boycotting the Olympics, for example.
But this election takes the grand prize for "Never seen this before!".