Thursday, May 24, 2007

Once More With Feeling! Rove! Rove! Rove Yer Vote!

This post may seem familiar to both of the people who read my blog way back when.

I only hope that Rush Limbaugh can be coaxed out of the private sector to serve as his Vice President. He could keep Condi Rice as Secretary of State, return Rumsfeld to the D.O.D.;
as the token gesture of bipartisan 'friendly' relations, the junior Senator from New York could be offered a prestigious position in President Rove's administration-I think she would make a great White House tour guide, as she used to live there. Of course, she would have to give up her seat to do so, but I'm all for this "ERA Equal" stuff, and I would be fine with her letting a man sit down.
So,remember: in a little over 18 months, when you step into that electoral polling booth, let Karl Rove! Rove! Rove! Your Vote!

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