Thursday, May 31, 2007


“Help me out here. I still don’t get it.”

“It’s really not that hard to understand-it’s all about a woman having control of her own body, not allowing the Government to dictate how she should live her life.”

“So a fetus is…not a baby?

“It’s just a fetus-not viable-it cannot survive outside of the woman’s body, so legally, it is not a baby. Life begins at birth-before that, it is a parasite.”



“My friend Lara is pregnant-I saw her singing to the parasite.”

Actually, Lara is not her real name, but tonight 'Lara' gave birth to a baby boy-is ten pounds a big baby?
No matter what the death advocates may believe, I believe that this little ten pound baby was alive, honest and truly, since conception. Abortion is legal in our country, to our national shame.
Legal isn't always morally right-slavery was legal, and the very political group which fought to keep slavery the law of the land embraces Abortion as a civil right. It's not a 'civil' (as in civilized) right-it's a moral wrong. And someday, by the Grace of God, Abortion will be abolished. There will be no abortion clinics in the Millennial Kingdom. If it will be outlawed then, it should be outlawed NOW. Let's try to live up to the standards of God, even if we fail. We should at the very least TRY not to kill our own babies. Women and Men are made in the image of God, which is why murder is a sin. In the New American Standard Bible the sixth commandment reads: "13“You shall not murder."
Murder belies intent. No woman 'accidentally' has an abortion-there is intent, and that makes it murder, no matter how the death advocates scream that there is no existence before birth, so there is no one who could BE murdered.
You wouldn't convince Lara of that. That baby is huge!