Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where Would You Go?

Sometimes the hum-drum-drum of daily life becomes a bit much; we become bored with our own heartbeat, if that heart remains in the same place for too long. Man didn’t discover new vistas simply because ‘they were there‘-he had become overly familiar with old vistas.
There is a place I would love to visit, but with my meager resources and non-meager responsibilities I can only be an Internet Explorer (please forgive): Trakai.
Trakai is a beautiful Lithuanian National Park; it’s most cherished attraction is an ancient castle built on an island, surrounded by many lakes.
I learned of Trakai from a Lithuanian friend, Giedre, whose family would vacation there.
Lithuania is beautiful, but flat-until Giedre and our other friends came to work here, they had never seen a waterfall. I showed them as many waterfalls as we could find in the summer of 2001-our country was their ‘new vista’.
Find your Trakai. While we may not be able to travel corporately, we have the ability to explore the world and discover new vistas electronically. It’s a beautiful world.

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