Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Best is Yet To Come!

“Did you find everything all right?”
“Yes, thank you.”
“Man, I really hate this time of year!”
“Um, well...Ho Ho Ho.”
He rings up my movies.
“I’ve been at this for 12 hours already today! I should move to China,
where they don’t have any religion at all!”
He looks Chinese.
“Oh come on.”
He hands me my change.
“Well...I give to the Salvation Army-if I’m walking by, I’ll put something in the bucket,
but that’s it.”
There are 20 people in line behind me hoping I don’t continue the conversation.
“Well, I hope you can have a Merry Christmas, anyway.”
“Yeah, thank you for shopping at _______.”

Ho Ho Ho.

I enjoy crowds. I like being in a throng of busy people, even when they are playing impolite bumper cars in the Mall on their way from store to store. I even like being busy-back before my sit-down job there were many days when I wouldn’t take a break for 8 hours. I thrive on pressure, and love the energy.
I felt sorry for that poor clerk- three more weeks until Christmas; he’ll have to either cope or find a less stressful job. Maybe the Police Bomb Squad is hiring.

People who want absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ will be singing,
“Joy To The World,
The Lord is come;
Let Earth receive her King;
Let every heart
Prepare Him room
And Heav’n and nature sing!”

He came into the World as a baby, and who doesn’t love babies? Don’t answer that.
‘Let Earth receive her King’ indeed. That’s what I’m looking for, His return when He will be
welcomed as King, not scorned as He is now.
‘Let every heart Prepare Him Room’ is a call to Salvation in six little words.
How many in this holiday season will be singing those words without applying them personally?
You can’t get some Christians to ever shut up about God, but during the Holy Days (Holidays)
there’s some sort of a musical truce, and some of the worst sinners on your block will be singing,

“He rules the World
With Truth and Grace
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness
And wonders of His Love.”

And wonders of His Love. Ho Ho Ho.

Post script: Isaac Watts put melodies to many of the psalms; “Joy To The World” is adapted from Psalm 98-check out the original.

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